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Kodu Media is a fully-managed eCommerce Optimization team.
Our conversion rate optimization solution helps you generate
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revenue, all the while providing you with analytical insights for
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What can Kodu Media do for you?

The Kodu Media Conversion Platform is an award-winning solution for optimizing eCommerce customer journeys. Kodu Media delivers a combination of website personalization and remarketing solutions driven by behavioral segmentation, which helps drive conversions, increase lifetime value, and more – all at 5x the speed of conventional personalization methods.
If you're looking for a scalable website personalization solution that delivers everything from lead capture to cart recovery, cross-sell, upsell, traffic shaping campaigns and more, Kodu Media is the way to go.
Website Personalization

Our award-winning conversion platform guarantees personalization throughout the customer journey, delivering leads and LTV alongside conversion rate uplift.

Basket Abandonment Emails

Identify abandoning shoppers and use their shopping cart data to trigger personalized cart recovery emails. We’ve saved over 50 million carts already: let yours be the next!

Urgency Signals

Create and show urgency signals to compel your users to take quick action before its too late.

Social Proof

Easily display real-time social proof signals to users who are browsing your website. Create FOMO to increase conversion rates, AOV, and more.

Exit Intent Pop-Ups

Display pop-ups with special offers tailored to users who display exit intent. Engage at the right time with just the right person and stop them from leaving your site.

Fully-Managed Service

You'll get an eCommerce expert to help guide your strategy. We work together to ensure we help you meet business objectives.

See some of these features in action:

Dynamic product recommendations for Giorgio Armani

Notification and exit intent pop-up for Pacifico Optical

Kodu Media will have your account setup in a matter of minutes.

Kodu Media can work on these popular platforms and more:

Our Approach to Conversion Rate

Campaign strategy

Before launching any campaign, our team of experts will analyze your website and identify the key customer touchpoints. From there, we use our benchmarking data and CJOTM methodology to recommend the campaign strategy that will have the highest impact on your conversion rates.

Copy and design

Once you sign off on the strategy, we start crafting the messaging and visual identity of your campaign. Our highly-skilled designer team will create attention-grabbing opt-in forms, overlays, banners, and other elements that are cohesive with your branding.

Technical setup and launch

The best part of a fully-managed solution, such as Kodu Media, is that you don't need to solve any technical riddles along the way. We take full ownership of the technical stuff, which enables you to go live with your first campaign in 2 weeks or less. That is 5X times faster than any self-service solution.

Analytics and insights

Launching campaigns is just part of the story. Each Kodu Media client gets a personal account manager who provides detailed insights into their campaign performance. Our analysis offers actionable advice that is guaranteed to move the needle on key business metrics.

You're in good company

“Kodu Media is a joy to work with: their proactivity, data-led decision-making, and the little day-to-day management they require are really valuable to us. They do a great job all round, I really can’t stress enough how highly we speak of them internally.”
Lasse Heiden, International
E-commerce Manager, Montblanc
Domino's has been working with Kodu Media for four years, achieving a CR increase of 13%
Montblanc reached 41.1% CR uplift by highlighting unique services

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