A Retail-Minded Approach to Google Shopping Ads

Both Google and Bing offer Shopping ads to allow you to showcase individual products directly in the search results. Shopping ads appear above organic listings for almost all terms centered around commercial products and even kodu_google_bingsometimes appear above standard paid search ads. The share of search engine result pages displaying Shopping ads more than doubled during 2014 from 7% to 16% of all search results.

And according to a 2015 study by Merkle RKG, for non-branded queries, Google Shopping made up 60% of paid search click share for retailers in Q3 of 2015, while Bing product ad clicks have more than tripled – showcasing a 332% year over year increase.

The trend is clear – e-Commerce retailers need to participate in Shopping programs to remain competitive and continue seeing growth via paid search channels.

Kodu Media can get you started using Google and Bing Shopping services or overhaul and renovate your current Shopping campaigns. With product feed creation, optimization, targeting and management services, Kodu Media can help you get more revenue and ROI out of your Shopping campaigns.

Why Choose Us for Your Google Shopping Ads Campaigns?

A surprising amount of money can be lost in inefficient Google Shopping campaign structures. Bids and budgets become detached from value and ROI, critical data and insights become lost in the mess, and you can end up wasting a lot of time and money chasing product listing ad placements that aren’t driving sales.

We’ll use our expertise in product listing ads management to set up Google Shopping campaigns with efficient, optimized structures. We’ll keep bids low for generic terms, prioritize more relevant ones, and focus spend in areas designed to give you the best possible competitive advantage. To ensure that you’re getting high visibility into your varied campaigns and their performance, we’ll prioritize a clear, intuitive, funnel-like campaign structure.

Kodu Media has proven success as a Google Shopping ads agency thanks to our knowledge and experience setting up tiered, properly prioritized campaign structures. We want to put that knowledge to work for you.

our proven process produces results

1. Meeting

The initial meeting is where Kodu Media learns about your business and goals and take detailed notes of what your business is looking to accomplish.

2. planning

Once we discuss your goals and what you are looking for we immediately get to planning and strategizing a customized plan just for your business.

3. execute

Our plans go into action and we launch our strategy and closely monitor your results. We always look to optimize our strategy as we go.

4. Delivery

We deliver results and we discuss regularly our successes and provide you with easy and tangible reports. Our business is based on results.


5. Optimization

We test our results and strategies and then optimize the winning strategy to run its full potential. Our strategy for your business will always continue to improve.

What’s included in Kodu Media’s Google Shopping Ads Management Service?

Start by searching words or phrases related to your products or services. Keyword Planner works to find the keywords that are most relevant to your business. You can then pick keywords you like and add them to your plan.

Create a feed for your dynamic display ads. With Dynamic remarketing, you’ll create a feed of all your products or services along with attributes like unique IDs, images, and prices. When ads are shown to people who visited your website, details about the items they viewed are pulled from your feed into these ads.

Optimization of Google Shopping campaigns comes down to more than just bid changes and other adjustments you can make in AdWords. The quality of your Product Feed will also play a huge role in the visibility of your products, as well as the relevancy of your products to the search queries used by potential customers.

Products should be placed in the most specific Google Product Category Possible to optimize SEO and display your product in the most relevant searches. Categorization to proper categories allows automatic checking for required attributes. More significantly, it lets you optimize product titles to increase clicks by ensuring that titles include the product type specific attributes that buyers are searching for.

Product group. A way to organize your Google Merchant Center product inventory in a Shopping campaign within AdWords. You create product groups using attributes derived from your product data, available within AdWords. Then you bid on these product groups.

AdWords scripts let you make automated changes in your AdWords account. Using JavaScript code, you can change bids, pause ad groups, and add keywords with written scripts directly instead of manually within your AdWords account. Scripts may work well for you if you. Lets us help optimize your AdWords Account.

A savvy marketer knows the best way to improve shopping campaign ROI is to track product level performance in a shopping campaign. … However, GCLID parameters, which are used by Google to pass performance statistics from Adwords, overwrite any UTM codes and don’t always give you the best data. Let Kodu Media update you tracking to better capture the info you need.

Are you managing your advertising investment wisely? Running a successful AdWords campaign is an ongoing process, and we suggest signing in to your account at least once a week to check in.

If you really want to succeed with AdWords, you’ll need to regularly review and refine your account’s performance. In particular, you’ll want to monitor the status and progress of both your ads and their keywords. This article explains where to find and how to interpret performance data in your account.

A number of PPC competitive analysis tools that provide mountains of data and save a great deal of time are currently available, with prices and the nature of data varying from tool to tool. With Kodu Media we will provide data on keywords and ad copy, to assist in evaluating CTR and CPC. of your competitors.

PPC Management Pricing for our AdWords Management Services. PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising is the most accountable form of advertising. You can set an exactbudget and only pay when a visitor clicks on your ad. Paid advertising can also include remarketing options and mobile ads.

Kodu Media has a team of designers and developers that can help build highly optimized landing pages that are proven to obtains above average conversion rates. Just ask us how we can build you a landing page by clicking here

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Hire Kodu Media for Shopping Ads Management

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